Times Tables

Times Tables Game – Tables Combination

May 2, 2012
Times Tables Game

Click to Download the template A times tables card game called Tables Combination where the aim of the game is to use more of your cards than the other player by using them in times tables combinations. The game can be played by primary school and elementary school students to help them practice and memorise their [...]

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Times Tables Collection

April 16, 2012

A classroom times tables game where students need to walk around the room and match up with other students to complete a times table sum. This game is an engaging way to help students memorize their times tables and multiplication sums while communicating answers to each other and working together.   Learning Outcomes: Times tables [...]

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Multiplication Auction Game

February 24, 2012

A multiplication game to help students learn their times tables, probability and developing game strategies.   Learning outcomes: Multiplication Chance and data Strategies   Required Material: 20 counters per pair of students Pieces of paper that can be folded to display numbers on each table A 10 sided dice   Aim of the game: To [...]

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