Spatial Awareness Game – Slide

by Gareth Brown on 2012/04/04

A simple game to help students think and ahead and use their spatial awareness. This game is for primary and elementary school students and can be played in pairs. Students can play with each other or a parent could play with their child. Children need to think about how they can move their card from one place to another and may sometimes have to move a few other cards before they can move their own.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Spatial Awareness
  • Strategies


Required Material:

  • A deck of cards


Aim of the game:

  • To move your card from one corner to the other corner by sliding the cards around the playing area.


How to Play:

  1. Lay 16 cards face down in a 4×4 formation, replace two diagonally opposite corners with jokers and remove the two cards diagonally next to the two jokers

    Spatial Awareness Game - Slide Set Up

    Set up the game like this.

  2. Players can move any card except for the other players joker, they move the cards by sliding into an adjacent empty space
  3. A player cannot instantly reverse a move that the other player has just completed
  4. A player cannot move a card into a space the other player has just created that they could move into. A player can fill a space the other player has created only if the player who created the space cannot move into it directly themselves
  5. If a player moves into a space where there is another space directly next to it then the player can move into the adjacent space during the same turnThe winner is the player who makes it to the opposite corner first



To expand on this game students could try using more cards and making the game area different. They could also play the game with 4 players. They could have a super mega game with 6 or more, hmmm that would be interesting!!

This game of course can also be played with counters or anything else that can be slid around.

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