Blending Word Blender Game

by Gareth Brown on 2012/04/18


Download Blending Word Blender.

This learning game focuses on blending words using ‘at’ (like in bat, cat, mat, that and sat) and ‘og’ (like in dog, log, frog and cog). Players need to move their counter around the board and collect letters to blend together and make different words with. It’s for young primary and elementary school students and early years children. The learning game can be played with 2 players and modified to make it easier if needed.


Learning Outcomes:Blending Words Blender Game

  • Spelling
  • Blending words
  • ‘at’ words
  • ‘og’ words


Required Material


Aim of the Game:

  • To write down the most blending words with ‘at’ and ‘og’ in them by moving around the board and collecting letter combinations.


How to Play:

  1. Both students choose a corner to start from and place their counter on that corner.
  2. Each turn a player can move 1 or 2 spaces up, down, left or right.
  3. Once a player lands on a space they write the letter or letters in that space on their list whereit would belong.
  4. Each space can only be used once at a time. (If a player lands on ‘og’ and wants to use it to make the word ‘dog’, the player will have to land on ‘og’ again to start making another ‘og’ word.
  5. Only one player can make each whole word. (If Player 1 made ‘cat’ then player 2 cannot make ‘cat’).
  6. The game finishes when all of the possible word combinations have been made. The winner is the player with the most wordcombinations.



For a less competitive version each player could make each word even if the other player already has it. The game then finishes when both players have all the words.


Well I hope you enjoy playing Blending Word Blender, to give other people the link to this page can you please share it on Facebook and Twitter using the links below. Thanks! :)

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