Angles Game – Protractor Golf

by Gareth Brown on 2012/04/11

Download: Angles Games – Protractor Golf

This game worksheet is a fun way for students to learn about angles and how to use a protractor. Children explore acute angles, right angles and obtuse angles during this game and also how to use a protractor to measure theAngles Game - Protractor Golf angles. It involves a game of mini golf where students need to decide the direction in which they’re going to hit the ball. They then use their protractor to work out the angles the ball would bounce off each wall. Players keep trying different directions until they hit the ball into the hole.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Angles (acute, obtuse)
  • Measuring angles
  • How to use a protractor


Required Material


Aim of the Game:

  • To pick the right direction and angle to hit the golf ball in so that it goes into the hole.


How to Play:

  1. Download the Angles Game – Protractor Golf worksheet.
  2. Begin by estimating which direction and angle you will need to hit the ball to get it in the hole.
  3. Use a ruler to draw a straight line from the start point to the first wall the ball would hit.
  4. Then use a protractor to measure the angle the ball hit the wall. Work out which angle the ball would then travel in.
  5. Continue the line from where it hit the wall towards the new direction it will take.
  6. Continue this until the line hits the hole or misses the hole.
  7. If the hole is missed the player will need to estimate a new direction and try again until they can draw the line to touch the hole.



Once a student has drawn a line that goes straight into the hole they can measure all the angles they used and write them on the sheet of paper.

Once students have finished all of the protractor golf courses they can create their own course using one of the templates at the end.

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Renee April 27, 2012 at 9:34 am

WOW!!! Awesome game! The kids love it, and they learn to make STRAIGHT lines at specific degrees! Thanks!


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