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Rich Games for Learning

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Physical Education

Snap Shots(5 mins)


Classroom Literacy Games

A selection of literacy games for use in the classroom or at home. All games can be played with most age groups with a bit of modification if needed.

Game Learning Outcomes Aim
Password Spelling, problem solving.
To guess the password using clues from previous guesses regarding how many correct letters your guess word had.
Card Yahtzee Quiz Revision of concepts, teamwork, communication, further understanding of concepts.
In groups students need to answer quiz questions and get the best 5 card combination.
Vocabulary, spelling, dictionary skills.
To find and learn the meaning and spelling of a word no one else knows.
Spelling, teamwork, communication.
Each student has a letter and needs to form a group with other students to make the longest word.
Letter Swap Letter recognition, teamwork, communication. In groups students need to collect five of a certain letter by swapping with the other groups.
Word Swap Word recognition, teamwork, communication. In groups students need to collect all five of a certain word by swapping with other groups.
Sentence Starter Reading, vocabulary, sentence construction, speaking and listening. Students need to pick random words and create an interesting sentence using them.