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Snap Shots(5 mins)

Number Target (+ x - / cards together to equal a target number)

A game to teach various mathematic processes such as addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.

Learning outcomes:
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Math’s Processes (+ x - /)

Required Material:
  • 1 Deck of Cards or Cards numbered 1 to 13 (enough for your whole grade)

Aim of the game:
  • Using playing cards students form groups that equal a specified number using the given     processes (+ - x /)

How to Play:
  1. Each Student is given a card
  2. The teacher thinks of a number (any number that is reasonable for the ability level of the grade)
  3. The teacher gives one or more mathematic process option (+ x - /)
  4. The students are then given a time limit to form groups with other students. Using the numbers on the cards they have been given and the processes they can choose from they need to form an equation that equals the target number

  • The target number is 63
  • The Processes are ( x and - )
  • John has an 8, Mary has a 10, Troy has an 11 and Sarah has a 5
  • They could make 63 like this: (John's 8 x Mary's 10 = 80) (80 – Troy's 11 = 69) (69 – Sara's 5 = 63) all together it would be (8 x 10 - 11 - 5 = 63)


There will be all kinds of ways students figure out how to reach the target, different methods depending on which processes they have to choose from. Start with just multiplication and stick to timetable chart then play around with process combinations, try: (x and +)(x and -)(+ and /) then step up with more combinations. I find it works well when there are only two processes they can chooses from. There will always be students who do not fit into a group, this is inevitable but they will still have thought about mathematics processes. Giving students two cards may give them more of an opportunity to fit into a group. Can be played silently.

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