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Snap Shots(5 mins)

Multiplication Auction

A multiplication game to help students learn their times tables, chance and data and developing game strategies.

Learning outcomes:
  • Multiplication
  • Chance and data
  • Strategies
Required Material:
  • 20 counters per pair of students
  • Pieces of paper that can be folded to display numbers on each table
  • A 10 sided dice

Aim of the game:
  • To bid for numbers rolled on the dice that form the highest multiplication sum in the class (7x4, 8x5, 10x10).

How to Play:
  1. Students form pairs and sit next to each other at tables, they can do it individually but it depends on the size of your class as it could make the game drag too long.
  2. Each pair fold a piece of paper and put it on their desk, they will write their numbers on this piece of paper and the other students must be able to see it.
  3. Each pair get 20 counters.
  4. The teacher then rolls the 10 sided dice, they’re usually 0 – 9 so just make the 0 equal a 10.
  5. The students then bid how many counters they will spend to buy that number, the pair who bids the highest writes the number on their displayed paper and a new number is rolled. Each pair can only buy two numbers.
  6. Once all pairs have two numbers they multiply their two numbers together to get their final number.
  7. The pair or pairs with the highest number are the winners.


This game need to be played at quite a quick pace as rolling the dice and having students bid on numbers can take some time. Each number must be bought by a pair otherwise students will just pass on low numbers. You could also make the pair with the most counters left at the end a winner too. It’s important for the pairs to display what numbers they have so that the other teams can work out in their heads what the final scores will be.