Decimal Game – Decimal Quest

by Gareth Brown on 2012/08/17

This decimal game is an engaging way for primary and elementary school students to learn about decimals and how decimals make up a whole. It’s a printable worksheet with 10 different game boards to play. Children need to roll the die and move around the board collecting decimals, once they have a decimal they can add it to their whole shape.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Addition


Required Material

  • Pencils
  • 10 sided die


Aim of the Game:

  • To get the most combinations of numbers that equal the target number by circling numbers in a row that when added together equal the target number.


How to Play:

  1. Players need to decide which target number they’re going to try and equal. a good range is between 15 and 30.
  2. Players take turns rolling the die, the number rolled has to be written into one of the circle by that player.
  3. When a player writes in a number that, when added together with other numbers next to it in a row, equals the target number they then draw a circle around that row using their own color. (If the target number is 15 and a player writes a 4 next to a 3 and an 8 then 4 + 3 + 8 = 15)
  4. Rows can go horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
  5. A number in a row that has been circled can be used again if circled within a different row.
  6. The rows can be as long as six numbers or as short as two numbers.
  7. The game finishes when numbers have been written in all of the circles.
  8. The winner is the player who has circled the most number combinations at the end of the game.



Players can be penalised if they use the wrong type of throw. When I played the game with one class they were really loud so I also initiated a silent rule, if any one spoke they lost a point.

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