Odd and Even Numbers Game – Diver

Odd and Even Numbers Game - Diver

This odd and even numbers game is to teach primary and elementary students about odd and even numbers. Players choose whether they can only land on odd or even numbers, they then roll the die and move the number of spaces shown on the die but can only move if they land on the right number. (Odd or even). What’s great about this game is that students have a choice of which path they would like to take, one path may have more odd numbers while another has more even. If they can only land on spaces with an odd number then they would have more of a chance if they move along the path with more odd numbers.Odd and Even Numbers Game - Diver

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Odd numbers
  • Even numbers


Required Material

  • 2 counters
  • Six sided die

Aim of the Game:

  • To reach the top first by only landing on either odd or even numbers.

How to Play:

  1. Both players decide whether they’re only going to land on odd numbers or even numbers.
  2. Players start by placing their counters on the starting space down the bottom.
  3. Players need to move towards the top of the page, they can not move back over spaces they have already moved along.
  4. Each player takes it in turn rolling the die, they have to move the number of spaces shown on the die but can only move if they will land on an odd or even number. (Depending on whether they specified odd or even numbers. If at the beginning of the game they specified even numbers then they can only move if they will land on an even number).
  5. Players can land on the same space as the other player if they choose.
  6. There are moments in the game where a player can go in either direction. Most often they will chose the direction that lets them land on the specified type of number. However if there is a certain path the player would rather take (the path with the most even or odd numbers for example) they can choose not to move at all until they can move along their preferred path.
  7. The winner is the player who reaches the very top bubble first. To reach the top bubble the player has to roll the exact number that will allow them to land right on the finish bubble.


If players can only land on odd numbers and there is a path which has more odd numbers than even numbers then the players might try to aim for that path because they will have a higher chance of being able to land on a space.

by Gareth Brown