Classroom Snap Game

Classroom Snap Game

A fun 10 minute classroom card game called snap, helps quick thinking and concentration.Classroom Snap Game

Learning outcomes:

  • Concentration skills
  • Quick thinking

Required Material:

  • A deck of cards
  • A class of students

Aim of the game:

To be the last one standing with your card in your hand, making sure that when the same card is pulled by the teacher you yell snap before anyone else calls your name.

How to Play:

  1. Form your class into a circle so that they can all see each other clearly.
  2. Get a pack of cards and take out the jokers
  3. Give each student a card, make sure you have at least one of each card left in the deck (i.e. make sure you haven’t given out four kings, then you won’t have any kings left to pull out of the deck.)
  4. Each student needs to hold their card in front of themselves, making sure everyone else can clearly see the cards that everyone else is holding.
  5. To play the game the teacher pulls out a card from the deck left over and shows the class, any student who has that same card needs to yell out ‘SNAP!’ The other students need to call out a student’s name who has the same card that the teacher has pulled out. (If Marcy had a King and the teacher pulls out a King, then Marcy yells ‘SNAP!’ before another student yells out ‘Marcy!’)
  6. If a student’s name is called out (who has the same card the teacher has pulled out) before they yell ‘SNAP!’ then that student has to sit down.
  7. The winner is the last student or students that are left standing at the end.


This game is relatively quick to play and very fun and competitive for the students. If you want the students who have sat down to still be involved in the game you can get them to call out students names who have the identical card that the teacher has pulled out. To make the cards more evenly displaced you could hold onto two of each card (half the deck) so that between the class there will be about two students with each card and two of each card in your left over deck.